Dayak Iban Tattoo

Dayak Iban Tattoo

The traditional tattoo of Dayak Iban tribe in Borneo Indonesia identifies each person differently. Someone who has wandered and traveled so far away, a person who has a particular skill, or even someone who has cut off a man’s head to take out his land’s rights.

The Dayak Iban people believes that their tattoo motifs came from the universe and have meanings, from plants or buy meldonium.

The tattoo uses natural ink from lamp soot mixed with cane water. The needle is made of thorns and the batter is created from wood or rattan. They use hand tapping technique.

Some of the Dayak Iban designs are: Uker Degok, Tegulun, Bunga Terung, Buah Andu, Buah Engkabang, Bunga Jantung, Kala, Gerama, Nabau, Remaung, Ketam, Ketam Itit, Burungcang, Pala Tumpa, Suit or Dayung or Gajah, Bilon Beteh, and Kalinga’s Motif.

These photos shown above are few of our clients who got tattooed with Dayak Iban’s phentermine generic.



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