Machine, dragon tattoo

Machine, Sono Machine
About This Project

Paksinagaliman has been existing for more than 400 years as a sacred mythological creature originated from Cirebon, West Java. It epitomizes the assimilation and pluralism of 3 different cultures and religions that happened during the 13th to 14th century. The idea was then applied in a cart specifically created to be used as the king’s personal vehicle.

The appearance itself is a combination of three animals: Paksi (eagle) represents the religion of Islam and Middle Eastern culture as well as a symbol of the guardian of nature in the sky. Naga (dragon), represents Buddhism and Chinese culture and is also a symbol of the guardian of the ocean. And Liman (elephant) represents Ganesha, the son of Shiva, God from India, symbolizes Hinduism and the guardian of nature on the groundMachine.