ancient method of tattooing

If you come to Ubud, Bali, you will find a few traditional tattoo shop in Bali. A tattoo shop that has the ancient tattooing method in Bali.

Bali is one of the best travel destinations in the world. Bali is famous for its craftsmanship and its beautiful art, they also really thick for their culture. You can get a whole new experience once you traveling here. And one of the best here in Bali is, around other provinces of Indonesia, Bali has more society of tattooed people than other areas in Indonesia. In some areas in Indonesia, a tattoo is a negative thing, identical to criminals and other negative perceptions. But here in Bali, the Balinese see the tattoo as an art, even not every Balinese have a tattoo.

This is why Cap Bagong Tatu studio is here in Bali as we can express more of our specialty and develop our skills of tattooing. We focus on custom design and make it as an individual piece of art. Each design is made for the client based on their own inspiration and ideas then integrated with our tattoo artists’ specific tattooing style.

Cap Bagong Tatu is heavily influenced by a rich cultural heritage and inspired by Indonesian ornaments, carvings, statues, batik, and traditional fabrics.

We also have three kinds of tattooing methods, hand tapping, hand poking, and by machine. We will explain what are these in our next blog article. You can check our studio here

And here is our portfolio for you to check

So, are you ready to get your tattoo at our studio?







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