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  • Traditional Indonesian Tattoo

    Traditional Indonesian Tattoo

    Indonesia has 17,504 islands and each island is culturally rich. There is some island that has traditional Indonesian tattoo as part of their culture. The tattoo culture that they have it’s not a fashion thing like commonly people have tattoo today. The tattoo tradition they have it’s been there for a hundred years. The world…

  • Tapped Tattoo

    Tapped Tattoo

    The traditional way of their tattooing method is by tapping the skin by hand using a wood stick as big as a finger.

  • Hand Tapped Tatttoos

    Hand Tapped Tatttoos

    What is a hand tap tattoos? Hand tapped tattoos is a traditional tattooing method that using only sticks and human to put ink inside a skin. It doesn’t involve any machine or modern equipment. How the hand tapped tattoos evolve? There are two tribes in Indonesia that renowned for this ancient tattooing method. They using…

  • Where to Get Tattoo in Bali

    Where to Get Tattoo in Bali

    If you have the chance to visit Bali, and you are a tattoo lover, you might wondering where to get tattoo in Bali. Most people know Bali as the island of Gods. And famous because Balinese maintain their traditional culture through their religion, Hindu. And you will also see how many tattoo parlours are spreading…

  • Mandala Tattoo in Ubud

    Mandala Tattoo in Ubud

    How to get a mandala tattoo in Ubud? What is a mandala? Mandala mark is a sacred symbol. It is a popular symbol for Hinduism and Buddhism, which makes it religious by nature. Mandala is a ritual geometric configuration of symbols or a map in the Indian religion, Hindu. As the majority religion in Bali…

  • Sono Marsono will be tattooing on Sacred Serpent Tattoo in Australia

    Sono Marsono will be tattooing on Sacred Serpent Tattoo in Australia

    Sono Marsono will be tattooing on Sacred Serpent tattoo in Melbourne from February 21st to March 8th. Please send your booking inquiries via website or email: or check Sono’s work via Instagram: @capbagongtatu.

  • Traditional Balinese Tattoo Motif

    Traditional Balinese Tattoo Motif

    Bali is famous for its natural beauty. But, if you notice, most of society in Bali, even most are man, have tattoos. Tattoos are not forbidden here in Bali. The common design of the traditional Balinese tattoo motif is Barong and Rangda. Barong is a panther-like creature and character in the Balinese myth. The king…

  • The Journey and History of Traditional Tattoo in Indonesia

    The Journey and History of Traditional Tattoo in Indonesia

    One of the best traditional tattoos in history and their journey in Asian countries is coming from Indonesia. The renowned islands from Indonesia that have ancient historical traditional tattoo are from the Dayak tribe and the Mentawai tribe. The Dayak tribes live inside the inland of Kalimantan. For the Dayak tribe, a tattoo is a…

  • Ethnic Rosette Tattoo

    Ethnic Rosette Tattoo

    The ethnic rosette tattoo from Indonesia are renowned from Borneo island, Borneo rosette in Bahasa is Bunga Terung. Borneo Rosette originally from Dayak Iban is the first tattoo a Borneo male would receive as a mark of a boy into manhood. The spiral on the center means Tali Nyawa which means the rope of life…

  • Tattoo shop in Ubud

    Tattoo shop in Ubud

    Bali isn’t just Kuta, Seminyak and Legian. If you wanted to get a more natural, greeny sight, you might want to come to Ubud. As Ubud surrounded by mountains and hills, the air is fresher. Same like the south of Bali, Ubud also has lots of tattoo shops. Ubud has a few unique tattoo shops.…