Balinese Tattoo Motif

Bali is famous for its natural beauty. But, if you notice, most of society in Bali, even most are man, have tattoos. Tattoos are not forbidden here in Bali. The common design of the traditional Balinese tattoo motif is Barong and Rangda.

Barong is a panther-like creature and character in the Balinese myth. The king of spirits represent good spirits. But also the eternal enemy of Rangda. Rangda is a demon queen and also a mother of all spirit guarders on the traditions of Bali.

The Barong and Rangda have always been two sacred symbols among the Balinese Hindu. They were like yin and yang. Both are important. Barong represents the good things, positive vibes, however, life is never flat. Even though Rangda represents the evil one, in this life, we all need bad things to clear out, too makes our life better than before.

Here, in our studio, we do the traditional Balinese motif too, we could make it by three different kinds of methods, by hand tapping, machine and hand poking. Here is our link on youtube if you would like to know what is hand-tapping tattoo method

And here is some examples of our Balinese tattoo motif 







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