Ethnic Borneo Rosette

The ethnic rosette tattoo from Indonesia are renowned from Borneo island, Borneo rosette in Bahasa is Bunga Terung. Borneo Rosette originally from Dayak Iban is the first tattoo a Borneo male would receive as a mark of a boy into manhood. The spiral on the center means Tali Nyawa which means the rope of life and is identical to the underside of a which symbolizes the beginning of a new life. Also, protection when they traveling.

The Dayak Iban tribe use to make this Borneo rosette by hand-tapping method. They use to have a ritual before they do the tattooing session.

On Dayak tribe, not every person can have this tattoo. The commoners have different kinds of tattoo and meaning. The Borneo rosette tattoo is a combination of art and tradition on West Kalimantan. Dayak Kayaan and Dayak Iban are renowned by the beautiful art of their tattoo.

To the Dayak Iban tribe, tattoo is a mark for God to recognize the Iban people. Tattoo is key for Iban people to go to heaven. There are some tattoo motif that is a representation of creature from heaven that guards and give salvation to Iban people, symbols of animals and plants.

Where to put the Borneo rosette? The Borneo rosette motifs have different designs and place on different parts of the body. Someplace it on arm, hand, feet, and stomach. Some people place it on their whole body. There are Borneo Rosette that have six or eight wings.

For Dayak Iban tribe, if someone has eight of Borneo Rosette around their waist it means that person has many experiences. It means also, Borneo Rosette is a sign that this person has wandered to many places and have enough knowledge. This knowledge comes from experiences, intuition, revelation and logical thinking, through trial and error that delivered through verbal or non-verbal.

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