Traditional Indonesian tattoo

Indonesia has 17,504 islands and each island is culturally rich. There is some island that has traditional Indonesian tattoo as part of their culture. The tattoo culture that they have it’s not a fashion thing like commonly people have tattoo today. The tattoo tradition they have it’s been there for a hundred years.

The world knows Indonesia has two tribes that have tattoo tradition, the Mentawai and Borneo tribe. But that’s not just them. The Moi tribe in Papua Niugini has been there for 1500 AD. This tribe lives in a remote area in Sorong, West Papua.

The tattoo motif is lined, curvy geometric with dots that shape like a triangle. The body part that gets tattoo is chest, cheek, eyes, hip, calf, and back.

They take the soot as ink dilute with rubber latex, and using fish thorns or thorns from the sago tree as the needle.

In Cap Bagong Tatu Studio, we have lots of Traditional Indonesian tattoo designs. We know every meaning of the tattoos. Some tattoo has gender roles too.

We also have the traditional Indonesian tattooing method, the hand tapping method. But we are not using thorns as needle, we are using a single-use needle and wood stick as the tools. Hygiene is our main concern to us, we have international standard hygiene for tattooing as it needs to be really hygiene because involving blood and skin.

You can check how we do the hand tapping session here

You can also check our portfolio for traditional Indonesia tattoo here








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