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Bali isn’t just Kuta, Seminyak and Legian. If you wanted to get a more natural, greeny sight, you might want to come to Ubud. As Ubud surrounded by mountains and hills, the air is fresher. Same like the south of Bali, Ubud also has lots of tattoo shops.

Ubud has a few unique tattoo shops. Few tattoo shops have a traditional way of tattooing using the hand tapping technique. The Indonesian traditional tattoo is different than the one in Thailand. We don’t use bamboo. We use a wood stick with a needle attached on it, and other stick to beat the wood stick that has needle attach on it, to put the ink inside the skin.

Cap Bagong Tatu studio have also this traditional way of tattooing. The hand-tapping tattoo will be your best experience when you visiting Ubud. The hand-tapping tattoo method is not as hurt as if you doing it by machine, but still, it’s inevitable on some area in your body that has a less meaty area. Most of our clients said that the hand-tapping tattoo method is meditative. It hurt less and also heal fast than if you doing a tattoo session with a machine.

We are not just offering you to have the experience of doing the traditional tattooing way in our studio, other than that, we have the Indonesian motif as our signature. We love to explore the diversity of Indonesia through books and traveling. Our tattoo artists are skillful and talented. We have years of experience of being tattoo artists and always do the best at working with our clients.

Hygiene is also our main concern here in our studio, even though we doing the traditional way of tattooing, but we have an international standard for tattooing procedure. We use a single-use needle and sterilize our equipment and use a few disposable equipments. We also use vegan ink.

You could check our video on this link on youtube, how we doing the hand-tapping way

You can also check our portfolio here








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  1. Sinéad Zeuke Avatar
    Sinéad Zeuke

    Hi can you tell me please about the ink you use, I am looking for the most natural ink I can use for my body!! 🙏🙏

    1. mytatto Avatar

      hello there ,im sory for ansewr you know,we use ink our experient for longger and we use korusumi ink from USA so that our rekomendation.if you want ask more please email us at .thank you

      best regard

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