tapped tattoo

You might be wondering what is tapped tattoo. As you know the common tattoo is done by machine or poke. Tap means hit in English. What is a tap tattoo?

These methods already exist in some tribes in the world. Like the Maori tribe in New Zealand, Tebori in Japan, and hand-tapping tattoos from the Mentawai and Borneo tribe from Indonesia.

How did the ancient hand-tapping tattoo work on the Mentawai and Borneo tribe? The Dayak tribe using thorns from orange trees or fish thorns. The ink is using deep black of soot color. The traditional way of their tattooing method is by tapping the skin by hand using a wood stick as big as a finger.

Tattoo for these tribes is not a fashion thing. They consider a tattoo as a symbol of natural balance and beauty.

Every motif in the Borneo tribe has different meanings.

And so does the Mentawai tribe.

You can get a hand tapping tattoo in our studio at Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Cap Bagong Tatu using a single-use needle and vegan ink to do the tapped tattoo.

You can check our video here to know more about tapped tattoo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw_pA0lwO90

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