Tattoo in Bali

If you have the chance to visit Bali, and you are a tattoo lover, you might wondering where to get tattoo in Bali. Most people know Bali as the island of Gods. And famous because Balinese maintain their traditional culture through their religion, Hindu. And you will also see how many tattoo parlours are spreading around Bali. And how most people have tattoos here, small tattoos or big tattoos.

There are some areas in Bali which are traditionally thick and some are not too much. Some areas are too touristy, some are quite remote and some have half of those.

Ubud is one of the area in Bali which still have thick traditional among their society. And also have some tattoo parlours which offer a traditional tattooing method.

Cap Bagong Tatu studio is one of the studio that offers the traditional tattooing method and have lots of traditional tattoo ideas.

You can check our video on you tube if you would like to know more about the traditional tattooing method here

You can also check our port folio too here

Cap Bagong Tatu studio is a tattoo studio based in Ubud. We are not just doing hand tapping tattoo, but also do tattoo by machine and hand poke.

Please visit our studio in Ubud for walk ins, or DM us via Instagram or you can directly email us from our website.







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