hand tapped tattoo

What is a hand tap tattoos? Hand tapped tattoos is a traditional tattooing method that using only sticks and human to put ink inside a skin. It doesn’t involve any machine or modern equipment.

How the hand tapped tattoos evolve?

There are two tribes in Indonesia that renowned for this ancient tattooing method. They using deep black of soot colour as ink. The tapping tools are thorns from orange tree or fish’s bone for the needle. The traditional way of their tattooing method is by tapping the skin by hand using a wood stick as big as finger.

Today, as Indonesia is develop to a modern country, hand tapped tattoo have been modified. The modern tattoo artist who loves the traditional tattooing method using single-use needle. The ink use is the real ink, vegan ink or non-vegan ink. But the tattooing method is still the same.

Hand tapping tattoo can’t produce a very thin line as it’s done manually. But it’s not as hurt as if you get tattoo by machine. And heal faster than if it’s done by machine.

You can get a hand tapped tattoo while you are visiting Bali. You can come to our studio at Ubud to experience the hand tapped tattoo.

Here is our video to show what is like to get hand tap tattoo by us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uw_pA0lwO90.

And this is our portfolio you can check https://capbagongtatu.com/handtapping/








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