Balinese Inspired Tattoo Motif

Cap Bagong Tatu studio signature is Indonesian motifs. As Indonesia is a diverse country, and have more than 1000 islands, we are culturally rich. We love to explore our own cultures. Bali, one of the top destinations in the world have many cultures too to explore. Our tattoo style designs have Balinese inspired by their culture. The Balinese characteristic tattoo style have many ornaments. The ornaments can include flowers, tendrils, and animals.

One of our tattoo design inspired by one of the Balinese culture called Sengkui. Sengkui is a wickerwork coconut leaf plaited, resembling plaited coconut leaf roof but in a smaller size.
Sengkui means kelabang. From the words, Kala and Abang.

Kala means giants in Balinese culture also on most of Indonesian myths(Kala or buta). Giants usually described as the form of human’s negative characters(Asuri Sampad).
Abang means Brahma, which is one of the mighty God in Hindu who has the power to protect.
Sengkui usually put in some Balinese ceremony or part of houses for protection. Even though Balinese use it as a protector in their house if someone wears the Sengkui leaf, it can protect them too from evil.

This tattoo design designed by Sono Marsono, the studio owner and inked by Vincent Whisnu. We use the machine as tattooing method here.

As we have the Indonesian motif and Bali is one of them, however, we not forget about the hygiene things in our studio. The hygiene thing is our main concern. We use a single-use needle and always sterilize our equipment and we also use a few disposable types of equipment too.


You can check us by machine portfolio here

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