Hand Tapping Tattoo Method

Experience Less Hurt of Tattooing by Hand Tapping Tattoo Method

Where should you put your first tattoo placement? It’s not a must where you wanted to place your first tattoo but we just giving you a bit of advice if you don’t know where to begin for your first-time tattoo session. You could experience less hurt of tattooing by doing the hand tapping tattoo method.

Getting a tattoo? Is it hurt? Yes, no matter what. Getting a tattoo is a mix of blood and ink, putting inside your skin.
But, every person has different pain toleration. And, there are some of the most painful places to get. The ribs, hands, feet, knees, and elbows are considered to be some of the most painful places on the body to be tattooed because they are extremely boney and don’t offer much cushion for the impact of a tattoo needle.

For a rookie, try areas that are more ‘meaty’. It tends to be less painful. One exception is the underside of upper arm-white, it’s certainly not boney, a ton of nerves run down there, so it can also be excruciating.

If you would like to get a tattoo that hurt less, when you have the chance to visit Bali, you can come to our studio, Cap Bagong Tatu studio, to experience the hand tapping tattoo method. It meditative, hurt less and fast healing.

Here is our video to find out more about the hand tapping tattoo method https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DrR9g1kgPQ.

You can also check our website to explore more about us https://capbagongtatu.com/.






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