Dragon tattoo by Cap Bagong Tatu studio in Ubud, Bali

Dragon is very famous around the world. They have many appearances according to where they are coming from. Indonesia also have several stories about dragon. This Indonesian dragon tattoo motif is coming from Java. Balinese also have the dragon tattoo motif, it called Naga Besakih, but Java also has their own dragon tattoo design.

Paksinagaliman, the dragon, has been existing for more than 400 years as a sacred mythological creature originated from Cirebon, West Java. It symbolizes the take in and elements of 3 different cultures and religions that happened during the 13th to 14th centuries.

The appearance itself is a combination of three animals: Paksi (eagle) represents the religion of Islam and Middle Eastern culture as well as a symbol of the guardian of nature in the sky. Naga (dragon), represents Buddhism and Chinese culture and is also a symbol of the guardian of the ocean. And Liman (elephant) represents Ganesha, the son of Shiva, God from India, symbolizes Hinduism and the guardian of nature on the ground.

In Cap Bagong Tatu studio, we love to explore the Indonesian culture as part of our tattoo design. We do research from books and also by traveling. Indonesian motif is our signature here in our studio. As Indonesia is culturally rich because we have more than 1000 islands, we always have something to explore. The motif, for example, is from weaving cloth, myth creature, animals and plants.

This tattoo is made by machine, you can check our work in youtube link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZ-Z8TXDpb0&t=3s

And our portfolio here for this tattoo https://capbagongtatu.com/machine/.







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