Indonesian Tattoo Motif

Indonesian tattoo motif

Indonesian Tattoo Motif

If you were planning to go to Bali, especially to Ubud, and you’re a tattoo lover, you might want to have an Indonesian motif as your tattoo.

Indonesia is culturally rich because we are a diverse country. We have lots of motifs to explore. Every motif has a different meaning and philosophy.¬† The motif is from cloth such as weaving cloth. Indonesia has many variations of motifs in our culture. Every tribe in Indonesia have variations form of motifs with meaning behind the motif. Some of these cloths are also sacred. Some tribes use the cloth for their rituals in their ceremonies. For example, Javanese have Batik as their traditional motif. The printing on Batik has meaning and some of the cloth can’t be wear by the commoners.

The other motifs of Indonesia also come from the paintings. Such as Bali, Bali has the Kamasan style paintings. If you go to Bali, you might want to go to Klungkung to discover this kind of paintings.

Our studio, Cap Bagong Tatu studio explores these traditional motifs of Indonesia. Sono Marsono the owner and other tattoo artists in our studio explores the richness of our culture through books and by traveling around Indonesia. As we also have the traditional tattooing way too here in our studio, hand-tapping.

You can check our link here to see how we do the hand tapping tattooing method, the Indonesian way is different compare to the one from Thailand

And here are our portfolio of doing the hand tapping tattoos




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